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Pharem Biotech was founded 2013 in Uppsala, Sweden. The company has since established itself as an innovative and advancing company within the fields of water treatment and biotechnology on the Swedish market. The company operates mainly from the headquarters located at Biovation Park, Södertälje, where the product development takes place. The company has successfully established cooperation with key organizations within the market and connected several key competences to the company.

Pharem Biotech was founded with the vision to find new and innovative products to remove pharmaceutical residues and other organic pollutants that cause great harm to the water environments and habitats connected to it, which has become a problem within today’s society.

Pollutants all over the world heavily threaten the water quality, which affects plant and animal life, including us humans. Pharem Biotech provides simple, safe and cost effective products to counteract the impact organic pollutants have on the environment.

Pharem Biotech uses its broad biotechnology expertise to develop innovative enzymatic products that provide an effective way of removing organic pollutants in water environments. The products are specifically developed to meet customer needs of a simple and effective solution to tackle serious environmental problematics within their scope of operation.

Through close collaboration with the market we are constantly working towards meeting customer's needs and finding new solutions and products to one of our most significant environmental threats.

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Pharem Filtration System

Offering effective removal of organic pollutants with a simple, cost-effective and worker-friendly system solution.

A serious environmental problem and a challenge to sustain water quality is that the available technologies used in sewage treatment plants are not sufficient to remove pharmaceutical residues and other organic contaminants. Already existing technologies that are available for implementation in the industry are expensive, complicated and have a negative effect on the working environment.

Via the Pharem Filtration System, Pharem Biotech provides a system that delivers efficient and easy-to-install purification of organic pollutants in sewage treatment facilities. The system is installed through a highly customizable modular system that can easily be installed and integrated at current sewage treatment plants.

The modular system offers short installation periods and low cost of implementation for the system to reduce risk and disturbance of current sewage treatment operations. The implemented system offer a cost-effective solution that offer a cost of operation well below current technologies on the market.

The filtration system is based on the enzymatic processes developed within the company. The process involves controlled destruction of pollutants to harmless residues. Compared to alternatives, the Pharem Filtration System offers a more controlled process that gives the user overview of improved water quality before the water gets released into the environment.

Enzyme development

We develop enzymes and proteins with your set of criteria.

Pharem Biotech uses innovative solutions and technologies for the development of enzymes. Pharem can offer the development of enzymes and protein related products towards new applications or improvement of already existing processes.

The range of possibilities for using enzymes or proteins in industrial processes are limited by our imagination and Pharem can offer support in new projects with the aim of helping your business reach new and effective processes and production goals.

Pharem offers support in development of enzymes, proteins and processes; Pharem can also give consultation and/or setting up new projects for the development of your enzymatic processes.


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Research & Development

Pharem Biotech offers solutions in several areas where the problem of organic pollutants have been identified as a threat to the environment. The aim of the company is to offer products within these areas and can be represented by sewage treatment plants, households, hospitals and other specialized industries. Pharem also shows great interest in the field of decontamination of already polluted areas.

Pharem is constantly approaching new and interesting projects. If there is an identified interest or potential in the company’s technology or products that can benefit your business, be welcome to contact Pharem for interesting future prospects. Pharem is looking for collaboration and partners that are interested to jointly bring new products to the market.


The decontamination of ground- and water environments such as lakes, streams or enclosures is an important tool to minimize the effect of organic pollutants on the environment. There are pollutants already active in the environment causing great harm to plants and wildlife as part of the connected eco-systems. The need for decontamination of already affected areas is a dire problem that faces slow progress because of the expensive, complex and in-effective procedures used today.

The development within the field of decontamination has seen very limited progress. The industry of decontamination is asking for new and more cost-effective methods for removing these organic pollutants from the environment were the concentrations have reached critical levels. Pharem Biotech sees great possibilities to reach this market with new technology and new products.


Today’s society plays a key role in bringing pollutants to the environment. Pharem Biotech sees great potential in decreasing the spread of pharmaceutical residues and other organic pollutants well before it reaches the sewage system and then further on to the environment.


The households and the consumption of products containing polluting substances have a direct impact on the environment. Pharem Biotech aims to present new products to the market that make it possible for every consumer to contribute to the preservation of good water quality. Pharem focuses on easy-to-use products that can open up new market segments and contribute to a healthier environment. By minimizing the release of organic pollutants from the source, the release of pollutants to sewage treatment plants and the environment can be reduced significantly and secure good water quality.

Special Businesses / Industries

Industries and large organization, which have a high usage of organic compounds, will often also release high concentrations of organic pollutants to our sewage system. Organizations such as hospitals and elderly care can get help on reducing the release of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical residues to the environment. Pharem offers concepts and solutions that don’t interfere with daily procedures and offer a cost-effective and easy to implement system. For industries, Pharem Biotech can offer specialized solutions that offer reduction of pollutants present in specific processes for your industry. Pharem’s focus is to offer cost-effective and easy to apply solutions that can be integrated on already existing systems.


Many industrial processes and reactions are dependent on enzyme catalysts. Pharem Biotech is constantly looking for new assignments where improvement of enzyme quality and performance will result in increased process outcome.

Enzyme development

Additional to other project initiatives, Pharem Biotech is constantly looking for possibilities to use its innovative solutions and technologies to develop enzymes based on your criteria. Pharem offers support in the development of new or existing enzyme- and protein products in form of design, development and consulting. Pharem offers this as a service or in a project form, targeting customers, partners and industries where the enzyme is part of an industrial process, which has specific characteristics and needs that can be difficult to reach.



If you have any questions about our company, products or development areas don´t hesitate to contact us.

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We are constantly looking for new talents that are willing to bring competence and creativity to our company. Pharem Biotech is an ambitious company and we offer you a unique possibility to help us build the organisation as we approach new interesting areas in our operations and in the development of new products. We are open for all contact on your initiative but we are especially interested in talents with laboratory experience and team management.

If you see yourself as our next colleague please contact Martin Ryen.